Swordmage in need of clothes


High Concept: Skimpy Swordmage, Pride of Ritrus
Trouble: 200% ENTHUSIASM

Relevant Skills: Mysteries, Weapons

Combat Stunt: Anti-Magic ~ The swordmage uses a combination of her sword skills and her homeland’s trademark spell-slinging to cancel out any magic, or rather, deflect it into the earth. Once per session, she may redirect a Mysteries-based attack towards another target.
This target does not need to be a living being, but as a rule, the attack cannot simply disappear.

Social Stunt: Moral Support! ~ Thanks to her insane enthusiasm, and possibly related to the fact that she wears barely any clothes, Aurora ends up being pretty useful to have around when charming people. Once per session, she may assist a Rapport roll at +2, or make a succeeding Rapport roll succeed with style instead.


Excitable swordmage with questionable fashion sense, traveled from her home land just so she could see how strong Theo was apparently. Is now his adventuring buddy and the first line of defense to deter all monster kisses.


O Fugquest Downystram