Serious Gnome with a mouth


High Concept: Lonely Unsealed Earth Spirit
Trouble: [Statues can’t talk.] *(LOCKED)

Relevant Skills: Mysteries, Endurance, Resolve

Combat Stunt: Earth Mastery ~ The Gnome knows only earth-based magic (specifically related to Earth, as that is her Gnome sub-type). Any Overcome and CAA rolls related to shaping the environment around her succeed, as long as they involve earth in a large capacity.

Social Stunt: Remarkably Hard-headed ~ It’s quite difficult to argue with something that simply refuses to talk back… mostly because it can’t, but still. Gnome is immune to any type of social roll made against her at will; she is not required to ignore them however.


A young-looking Gnome found in the forested mountains of Criceon deep inside a crystal-filled cave. She lacks a mouth and has only been shown to communicate with her covenant through a sort of telepathy innate to any elemental spirit. Contracted with Theo when he proved himself to not be a douche. Allegedly hates humans for reasons unknown.

She has a mouth now. Sometimes makes Theo wish she didn’t… but that’s uncommon.


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