Cheshire Cat who enjoys pranks and fun


High Concept: Telefragging Kittykat Trickster

Relevant Skills: Mysteries, Rapport, Deceit

Combat Stunt: TELEPOH! (Locked) ~ Some Cheshire Cats work on their powers given by divine providence to fuck with human men the hardest, their innuendo being what Power Attack is to a regular Attack… kinda. On a successful physical kiss-related attack using Rapport, you can teleport your target to a random destination. On a success with style, you can choose the destination yourself. Only works in Wonderland.

Social Stunt: Tricked. ~ Pranking people and having a good time, that’s what Cheshire life is all about! At least, to Cecil it is. She may make direct social attacks using Deceit with a +2 bonus as long as she’s given enough preparation to pull a fantastic practical joke on people. Always works in Wonderland.


Cheshire Cat that needs to be banned from all things ever, was acting as Theo’s guide until she decided that killing him with Jubjubs was more fun to do. Unfortunately for her and some teleporting antics she ended up getting trapped in the real world and having a short but wacky adventure that resulted in her wanting to hang around with Theo.

Nice Ranking: 3 Wonderland Teacups

Prank Ranking: 5 Faggot Grins


O Fugquest Gee2Em