Theo Harp



Name: Theo Harp

High Concept: Magical Child Prodigy: Theo’s knack for magic caught the attention of none other than the MAGE SCHOOL so they gave him a little trial fully expecting him to fail, unfortunately for the higher ups he blazed through absolutely every test he was given and completed 3 years worth of learning in about a month. After being shown up in such a manner they could hardly deny him access to all the requests and tasks mages get sent out on! And he was ready for adventure.

Trouble: Pitter Patter: Magic school is not rogue school and spells don’t often quiet down just so you can sneak by something! Theo is much like his magic and is very bad at remaining silent, people are always quick to pick up on the sound of a tiny walking nearby, especially when he knocks into a vase or kicks a pebble for fun while out exploring..

Curiosity Killed The Thinger: Theo is still only little so he’s full of curiosity! He likes to explore every inch of anything that looks even slightly interesting which usually means he finds all the good loot in spooky dungeons and locates the hidden switches real well too. Unfortunately this also means that he has no fear when going into said spooky places..

Crossing Path: Memer

Crossing Path: Memer

Skill List:
+3: Mysteries, Rapport
+2: Sleight Of Hand, Alertness, Investigation
+1: Art, Athletics, Resolve, Burgery

L.E.W.D: 16/40

(Signature Stunt) All The Spells. Once per scene you may use Mysteries in place of any other skill roll, of course you have to explain what the spell you use does to help with your action..
Relic Hunter. +2 to Investigate when in a dungeon or tomb of any sort. [Basically things that are not towns full of other people or castles that are not spooky]
Simply Magical. Choose a field of specialization [Monsters]. You get a +2 to all Mysteries rolls relating to that field of specialization.
A Tiny. A tiny always has a way of reaching a monster girl’s heart, you get a +2 to rapport when dealing with monsters due to being a tiny. This might not always result in a positive outcome though.

Physical: [ ] [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [/ ]

Mild (1-2 shifts):
Moderate (1-4 shifts):
Severe (1-6 shifts):
Extreme (1-8 shifts):

Extras (Items, hold-over aspects, etc):
All the spells ever.


Theo Harp

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