Crasswood is a tiny dour village located west of S. SHH and north-east of Auger Fjord. This depressing town offers an ill-fated resting stop for adventurers and merchants (no I’m not talking about the graveyard)… if it weren’t for the fact that it’s completely cut off due to the Misty Road.

The Misty Road is said to be part of a sorceress scorned’s curse placed upon the town and its villagers. Some spots are clear to have appeared in the path-shaped spirit realm that allow passage out of it (going backwards seems to work just fine, in either direction).

Places of Interest:
- The Misty Road [Path-wide Spirit Realm]
- The Grave Mistake [Cemetery]
- “Dead Man Sleeping” [Inn]
- “Irony” [Blacksmith/Weapon and Armor Shop]


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