Criceon is a continent south-west from the Mainland, isolated from said Pangea-like gathering of land thanks to the hostile ocean. It’s known as either Humanity’s Last Bastion of Hope, or Brainwashing Monster-Hating Bigot-Breeding Factory, depending on which radical side you decide to question.

The Adventurer’s Guild was originally founded here to help out the Order’s heroes and unaffiliated heroic types with their problem-fixing, and every city located within the continent has a branch of the guild. They’ve since expanded into the mainland, although the Order doesn’t sanction these.

Known Locations:

  • The Capital (previously ‘N. SHH’), the largest Order settlement in the world
    Holds the official blessed church of the Chief Goddess, where she’s said to descend once every ten years to grant her special blessing to her most gifted heroes.
  • South Shirehavenhallow (S. SHH for short), city of sorcerers and wizards
    The prestigious Academy of Magicka/Majyycka Obscura that trains any willing potential shmucks and turns them into full-fledged magic-users is located here.
  • Crasswood, the least lively place in the most literal way
    Boasting the largest graveyard in the continent, Crasswood is… well it’s depressing. Even its shop names are depressing. That said, it wasn’t always this bad…
  • The Misty Road, not really the best (or the most green) hill zone available
    A place for people to get really lost and really confused, the Misty Road prevents entry or exit from Crasswood. It’s hard to say whether it’s been this way for 500 years or not.
  • The Boundless Desert, not really the best beach available
    A vast amount of sand tacked on upon sand, nobody really ventures into the desert expecting to come out of it alive. Sandstorms keep people in as much as they keep ’em out.
  • The Snake Mountains, and the so-called Valley of the Beast
    Named after the natural winding path towards the top, the mountains are (weirdly enough) inhabited by harpy tribes. The west snake mountain houses Criceon’s proud idol.


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