Lust and you!

A strange game… the only winning move is not to play at all.” Chester Bennington, 2014

Monster girls hold the amazing ability known as [Boner Evocation], a forbidden college of magic revolving around the creation, shaping and usage of erections and any by-products of the craft. This school of magic is untapped by human wizards and sorcerers, although scholars attribute the absurd effect to the fact that monster girls “are [REDACTED] hot, man.”

There is however a way to combat their penile magic: the Largely Useless Sexual Tenacity System, shortened to LUST by most commoners. This system is reflected with a number of statistics, the first and foremost being Willpower and Determination (Resolve), Physical and Muscular Control (Endurance) and Magical Aptitude (Mysteries).

All commoners start with Zero LUST. For every ‘point’ in each of the categories detailed earlier, they gain +10 LUST. After adding all of them together, that will be their maximum LUST capacity, and (short of a constant barrage of exposure to [Boner Evocation]), the amount of LUST they will begin any given day with.

Monster girls will try to weaken somebody’s LUST system with their subtle magical charm. The chances largely depend on the kind of charm attack used, however, and for the most part all the attacks are undocumented. This seems to vary on a case-by-case basis. The matter is, however, that resisting a LUST attempt might just mean getting the low brunt of their seduction. The first roll is to determine whether you’re susceptible to their [Boner Evocation], while the second one is to determine how much you’re affected by it.

[A monster girl might roll d75 to break through your LUST. If they succeed on that roll by rolling over your current LUST, they will continue their onslaught with a dice based on the kind of monster girl. A lizard girl might only have a 1d3/1d6 on their Boner Evocation attacks, while a Baphomet might go up with a 1d8/2d12.]

Ahhh, there we are! The ‘corruption’ scale. A heroic go-getter girl’s nightmare, ain’t it? Well, corruption is rather poorly understood, something that should bring a tear to our Order pals reading this. My heart goes out to you guys, how rough. I digress. Corruption is based not on LUST, or the other way around; it is its own separate entity. But before we dive right into how that works, let’s go over the basics, shall we?

Humans have mana (or spirit energy) which flows through their veins (not literally of course; it’s a spiritual thing) and is forced out when under the effects of strain, adrenaline and… sexytime. Some schools of magic teach to harness this mana, others rely on other methods, such as morphing the elements, using runework, and so on.
Monster girls have a similar energy known as mamono mana (or demonic energy) which tends to mix with a human’s spirit energy, polluting yet enhancing both sources, whenever they come into contact. This is known as ‘corruption’.
Some monsters can make demonic energy take on a physical palpable form known as ‘pure demonic energy’, usually in the form of a semi-solid gooey ink-black slime of sorts, which is not possible with spirit energy, as most of it flows into the air shortly after being expelled from the human system.

Corruption, as mentioned before, comes from the mixing of both spirit energy and demonic energy. This causes changes in most any living being, and even environmental changes when exposed to heavy amounts of demonic energy, although the amounts required to do so are much more extraordinary. There is no known way to keep track of how corrupt somebody is, although the world at large is aware that men will universally turn into incubi, and women will turn into succubi as the norm, with exceptions happening rarely; when exposed to a specific type of demonic energy, or when a human shows particular aptitude towards becoming a specific species of monster.

Lust and you!

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