Deceased sorceress taken by her fellow man.


High Concept: Young Sorceress Fueled by Hate
Trouble: Only the living can know peace from this fate

Relevant Skills: Mysteries

Combat Stunt: Psychokinesis ~ The ability to use telekinesis and pyrokinesis, known by professional bullshitters as ‘psychokinesis’ because it sounds cool. You may attach the On Fire aspect to a scene, and freely invoke Scene Aspects related to any objects you can throw around with your mind.

Social Stunt: Fear leads to anger… ~ Dahlia can’t possibly let go of her resentment that’s lasted for over four hundred years and well into her death… and undeath. Whenever the subject of her curse is brought up, she gains a +2 to her attacking Mysteries rolls for the duration of the scene.

Famine’s Tale:

  • Hundreds of years ago, there was a young magician girl. Back then of course, magic wasn’t well understood, most tomes having disappeared in the age of the old Monster Lord, so… only monsters really possessed a good grasp of it. At the village’s requests, the Order besieged at her doorstep, claiming the girl to be a Sabbath’s witch, aiming to dispose of her.
  • Her dearest brother stood up against the Order and townsfolk, but they claimed he was charmed, put under a spell by her and her monstrous magic. They took a stab at the poor girl, and her brother jumped in the way, taking the brunt of a pitchfork to the heart. In her anger at the sight of her brother’s blood, Dahlia let loose her powerful magic and eviscerated beat up the filthy scumbags bad guys.
  • She sustained many injuries during that battle, and survived her wounds long enough to say goodbye to her brother before he perished in her arms. In her last breath, she cursed the town of Crasswood to five hundred years of famine, blocking every route in and out of the town. … but of course, those are just old wives’ tales.


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